A doofy picture of me feeding all manner of adorable fowl creatures at Farm Sanctuary 🙂

I’m vegan!  And this blog is about vegan things that I do (I also like to paint, study science things, read, play the occasional video game, and take the even more occasional exciting vacation–but I don’t feel like any of those things would make a blog a lot of people would want to read.)  I live a vegan lifestyle because I care about animals, the planet, global health (antibiotics, anyone?) and my health–because there are many good, empirical reasons in fields from animal psychology to nutrition to ecology to not use animal products–and not a lot of reasons to chomp on friends.  I’m healthy and very physically active (I get a lot of protein,  somehow!) and–I don’t like salads  (I take my vegetables cooked).  Believe it or not, my little rat friends around the house (my boy and I share our apartment with four lady rats) also played a role in my choice to avoid animal exploitation.  Like farm animals, rats are under-appreciated, abused, and largely exempt from animal welfare laws.  If I couldn’t kill them, why should I kill other animals?  So I stopped doing that.

Even before I stopped eating animal products, I always loved to cook and bake, so a lot of this blog will talk about vegan food, but I occasionally forget where I am and write opinion pieces, often after reading one too many user comments on a popular news website’s latest article on weekday vegetarianism or something.  If I find exciting vegan things to buy, I will post them, too!  (Finding buckle-y, heel-free, vegan boots?  Not a walk in the park.)

This blog is mostly an ethical/environmental/dietary vegan love-fest, but I hope that with many of the recipes here, and maybe even some of the essays–but probably at least a few of the  cute pictures of animals–even people who are not vegan can find something to enjoy.



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