Defensive Omnivore Bingo

21 Mar

Print some of these out next time you get in an argument with someone about eating a vegan diet.  Keep refreshing the page, and get a new bingo card!

Gems include:

“Expresses shock that you “force” your child to eat this way, depriving them of vital cholesterol.”

“Wonders how we’d grow enough food to feed us all if everyone went vegan overnight.”

“Something irrelevant about cavemen.”

“Expresses concern for plant suffering.”

“Speculates about how many salads you eat each day.”

True confessions: for the most part, I don’t like salad!  I actually just subsist on the Kumbaya Motherfucker vapors that follow me everywhere as I coo over baby animals.  I suspect it is due to the massive crummy dinner salad overload that I ate in my younger days while I was very concerned about my weight.


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