Whet Your Appetite!

27 Jan

I am still adjusting to trying to be on a new sleep schedule, so I am the worst at posting right now.  Of course, I got a big second wind or something last night and made a bunch of stuff to sate my constant need to eat.  I even remembered to take pictures!

So, without further ado:

Chickpea cutlets, roasted potato slices, and steamed broccoli with fat-free vegan gravy

Oatmeal banana cookies!

This is my companion cube cookie jar! Portal fans will love it. Currently filled with the cookies above.

"Pad Thai" made with natural peanut butter, whole wheat rotini, and veggies. (My high-protein lunch.)

A "gentle lentil" soup, pretty mild and not too thick, and slices of homemade olive oil baguette.

Tomorrow!  I promise!

Spoiler: The chickpea cutlets are insanely protein-rich and I will probably be making sandwiches with them next week.  HOORAY!


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